How It Works offers an easy way to connect students with potential customers in their college or in other colleges who are looking to purchase dorm room essentials such as  textbooks, computers, furniture and other dorm room essentials which are listed in the Classifieds marketplace.  The classifieds marketplace is where students can get creative and post their own classified ads, displaying all of their used items -textbooks, computers, dorm accessories or new items they’d like to sell during or after each semester and get paid cash, as an example.

As if that wasn’t enough,’s social networking platform, Tour & Classifieds, is where college students can create their own tour groups to places they would like to visit or alternatively, college students can join other tour groups to places they would like to go so they will not have to travel alone.  We are currently sourcing a Preferred Travel Agency to work with that will be sure to offer our member college students fantastic prices for custom-designed tours and special travel deals.  So come back to often to see what tour groups have been formed by member college students and what other travel deals are on sale.

IMPORTANT: is NOT an eCommerce website – it is a website to make connections with students. Once the online connection is made between the buyer and seller the actual transaction will take place offline. According to

It’s important to remain cautious online as well. Many students share their schedules, personal addresses, photographs, and other information on social media, which predators use to commit crimes.

Always keep in mind that the internet is a public place where people can lurk anonymously, pose as someone they’re not, and capture valuable information.

Some students agree to meet people they met online in private settings. It’s recommended to get to know someone in a public setting before you meet privately.

How It Works For College Students

Step 1. Create/Register Your Profile

Creating/registering your profile on is simple, requiring your name, location, school and school email (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc will not be acceptable emails).  Profiles are utilized for those students who wish to find fellow student travelers to journey together as well as to create classified ads. Profiles will also help you determine who is selling what (images of items for sale are placed on the profile page) and those people who know the travel destinations inside out. Those people who will show you the most interesting places and the best beaches of a destination, and guide you to the best local establishments, bars, restaurants, and more.

Step 2. Choose a Subscription Plan

Choosing a subscription plan is part of the Create/Register Your Profile process (Step 1). You can begin with a free subscription (Basic with no profile boost capabilities) or to immediately use more features and functionalities that boosts your profile with additional images for items to help you sell your items faster, a paid subscription (VIP) might be right for you.

Step 3A. Submit Your Classified Ad

Submitting you classified ad is super simple. It only requires a title and a description of what you are selling. Submitting can be done from your ‘My Account’ section on the homepage (shown once you are logged in), then clicking on the Classifieds section.

Students seeking to find items for sale can then click on the ‘Tours & Classifieds’ Tab on the homepage to find items for sale, then click on the ‘Profile Search’ section of the homepage to find the seller’s profile. There you will be able to see images of the items for sale by this seller and make an offline connection to make a purchase.

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Step 3B. Submit Your Travel Offer

Submitting you travel offer is super simple as well. It requires a title, location, start date, end date and a description of what the tour is about or what type of tour you are looking to join. Submitting can be done from your ‘My Account’ section on the homepage (shown once you are logged in), then clicking on the Tours section.

Students seeking to find tours or tour groups can then click on the ‘Tours & Classifieds’ Tab to find what they are seeking, then make an offline connection to make a purchase.

Step 4. Get More Interest In Your Classifieds Advertisement and/or Travel Offers

While this subscription website showcases your advertisements and offers to visitors that you do not know from various channels such as Google and other search engines, in addition to students visiting the directory from various colleges, you can boost your visibility by sharing the link to your profile (which contains images of your items for sale or tour offers) with your family and friends through email, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.  They may, in turn, share your ad or offer with their own network of interested parties which can result in quicker sales.



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